Social Studies Curriculum

  • Students in grades K-2 are introduced to an integrative approach to social studies by exploring aspects of self, others, families, and communities across the world in developmentally responsive ways. This goal is accomplished through the study of geographical locations, history, and its influence on daily life, and wants and needs, and how they affect individuals and society as a whole.

    In third grade, students develop a more sophisticated understanding of how communities may be linked to form larger political units and how there are cultural, geographic, and economic connections. Using both primary and secondary sources, students understand the significant role of the individual in shaping history.

    Fourth grade is the first formal introduction to North Carolina. During this grade, students study North Carolina; American Indian groups indigenous to the area prior to European contact; the impact of colonization; key historical events leading up to the Civil War and Reconstruction; the North Carolina Constitution; and the state’s economy.

    While the fourth-grade curriculum focuses on North Carolina, the fifth-grade curriculum focuses on the United States. Students begin their studies with American Indian groups indigenous to the United States before the arrival of European settlers and conclude with the Civil War and Reconstruction period. Students study the founding documents and learn about the “Founding Fathers” and their influence in shaping the foundation of our nation. Curriculum documents for grades K-5 can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

    Social Studies Curriculum Organized by Grade Level, Grades K-5

    Social Studies Curriculum Organized by Strand, Grades K-5

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