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    Every student needs a nourishing meal throughout the day to help keep them strong and healthy and ready for the important work they are doing in the classroom. Here in Cumberland County Schools, students are offered both breakfast and lunch, as well as After School Snacks—either through Prime Time or Remediation.

    Offer vs. Served 
    Students are offered a variety of food choices daily. They are not required to take all of the items offered but must select ½ cup fruit or vegetable for a reimbursable meal. Students are encouraged to take a variety of healthy choices.

    What’s on the Menu
    Menus for Elementary/Middle, High and Year-Round schools are available on our web page at Child Nutrition Monthly Menu

    About the Program
    The Child Nutrition Services (CNS) operates the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs and cafeterias in Cumberland County Schools, as well as provides meals during the summer through our Summer Feeding Program. CNS assists special programs, such as Prime Time, with daily snacks for their After School Care Program for children. In conjunction with providing healthy, nutritious meals at a reasonable cost, we provide nutrition education for students as we seek to introduce them to healthier choices during meal service for a better way of life.

    While the goal is to provide students with appealing meals, CNS must also abide by all federal, state, and local regulations regarding not only the menus but the overall Program. This includes accommodating students with special dietary needs in the breakfast and lunch programs.

    The CNS office staff is composed of an Executive Director, Director, Director of Business Operations, five supervisors, a district chef, six specialized clerical staff members, a computer technician, a training manager, a maintenance foreman, a refrigeration technician, two equipment technicians, and an equipment technician apprentice.

    Meal Prices

    Approved 2023-2024 School Year Prices:

    Students in all grades with free lunch: Free

    Students in all grades with reduced-price lunch: $0.40

    Non-CEP Elementary School Students — Full Pay: $2.65 

    Non-CEP Middle and High School Students — Full Pay: $2.75 

                                                                                          Breakfast                                Lunch

    Grades K-5 (paying)                                          $0.00                                        $2.65

    Grades 6-12 (paying)                                        $0.00                                        $2.75

     All Grades (reduced)                                        $0.00                                        $0.40

    Adults                                                                         a la cart                                  a la cart

    Parents can pre-pay for student meals and monitor account balances at:

    The CEP, as defined by the USDA, is a non-pricing meal service option for schools and school districts in low-income areas. CEP allows the nation's highest poverty schools and districts to serve breakfast and lunch at no cost to all enrolled students without collecting household applications. Approximately 73% of the district’s schools are CEP schools.

    Free/Reduced Meal Application Deadline

    Parents of students in non-Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) schools must submit their meal applications before traditional schools begin. Applications can take up to 10 days to process. To avoid meal charges at the beginning of the school year, parents and guardians are urged to submit the application online as soon as possible by visiting

    Universal free lunch has ended. While all students throughout the district can still receive breakfast at no cost, students at non-CEP schools must pay for meals or qualify for free lunch for the upcoming school year. Of the district’s 86 schools, over 25% are non-CEP schools. To find out if your child’s school participates in CEP for the 2023-2024 school year, visit the Child Nutrition CEP webpage

    USDA Non-Discrimination Statement

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Contact Child Nutrition

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    Phone: 910-678-2502
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