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    Athletic Registration


    • Online Registration is Mandatory
    • Fully digital online solution
    • The solution to lost forms
    • Fast & Easy Completion
    • No copying, no paper

    Improve data accuracy

    • The system helps prevent mistakes
    • Forms require completion of all requested information

    Improve user experience and data accuracy

    • Responsive on all browser-capable devices
    • Simplifies the registration process for students, parents, and staff
    • Helps users provide the needed information

    Protect student information

    • HIPAA and FERPA compliant
    • Permission-based access only


    • Ready-to-use online pre-participation forms recommended by NCHSAA
    • CDC real-time concussion Information and consent
    • Ability to add custom school-level forms
    • Forms are translatable into over 80 languages
    • Below is the standard link where students and parents can create their profile and then select the school to which they will be attending.

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