Advanced Placement Information

  • The College Board offers 38 courses across 7 subject areas, many of which are offered in the Cumberland County High Schools. AP coursework exposes high school students to college-level material.  CCS students may enroll in an AP course if they have successfully completed the appropriate prerequisite courses.  Recommended criteria for entrance into an AP course includes a GPA of 90 in the Honors level of the previous corresponding subject and teacher or principal recommendation.

    AP coursework requires significantly more homework, writing, reading, and research than Honors or standard level classes. There are several benefits when students participate in AP courses and exams. They help students to:

    • Stand out on college applications. AP courses on a student’s transcript shows that they’ve challenged themselves with the most rigorous courses available to them. And, success on an AP Exam shows that they’re ready for college-level coursework.
    • Earn college credit and/or skip introductory courses in college. Most four-year colleges and universities in the United States—as well as many institutions in more than 100 other countries—grant students credit, placement, or both for qualifying AP Exam scores. In NC, the Board of Governors passed a new System-wide Advanced Placement (AP) credit policy. This new policy, a shared top priority of both President Spellings and the Board’s Committee on Strategic Initiatives, will make a score of “three” or higher the standard for credit across the 16 universities in the System. The result will provide students with equal footing to gain college credit, improve degree efficiency, and increase demand for college-level courses in high schools across the state. To learn more visit

    CCS Advanced Placement Courses Exams

    Students will be required to decide during the first quarter/term of the AP course whether they will take the exam. Effective the 2014-2015 school year, the General Assembly appropriated funds to pay for all AP exams for public school students who are enrolled in the corresponding AP courses. This funding is recurring in the state budget. See Policy Code 3452 Advanced Placement Course Program for more information.

    Students wishing to take an AP course not offered at their home school must talk with their principal to determine if there are other available options to take the course. Students wishing to take AP exams, but are not enrolled in the course must talk with their principal. If the courses are offered at the school the student may opt to take the exam(s) with the understanding that they must pay for the exam(s).

    Students and parents interested in specific school site AP information course offerings should visit school websites or call respective schools.