Betty Musselwhite

  • Betty Musselwhite has served as the associate superintendent of school support since 2009. Prior to this role, Musselwhite served as a public school administrator in elementary and secondary schools. Her entire teaching/administrative career has been with CCS.
    She holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and holds a master’s degree in School Administration, Instructional Supervision, and Reading from Fayetteville State University.
    Musselwhite began her teaching career at Seventy-First Elementary where she became the assistant principal. When the school closed as an elementary school, she moved with the Seventy-First Elementary staff to Loyd Auman Elementary and continued to serve as assistant principal there and at Westover High School. She then served as the principal of District 7 Elementary, Cliffdale Elementary, and Vanstory Hills Elementary before accepting the position of associate superintendent of school support.