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  • Academically/Intellectually Gifted Program
    2465 Gillespie Street,
    Fayetteville, NC 28306
    Phone: 910-678-2422
    Fax: 910-678-2620


    Aritia Smalls
    AIG Program Coordinator

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General Information

  • Each high school offers the following service delivery models:

    • Enrichment Sessions – Identified students participate in enrichment sessions conducted by the AIG teacher to enhance their high school academic experience.

    • Academic Advisement – Identified students participate in group, as well as individual advisement activities with the AIG teacher.

    • Newsletters – AIG students receive quarterly newsletters from the AIG teachers filled with reminders of important test dates, college preparation advisement, student achievements/accolades, and other valuable information.

    • Advanced Curriculum Opportunities – The AIG Program expects identified AIG students to participate in the College Pathway Curriculum, taking as many challenging courses as possible. These include:
      • Honors Classes 
      • Advanced Placement Courses 
      • College Connections Courses 
      • Online Courses 

    • AIG students may participate in Schools of Choice Opportunities, including International Baccalaureate Classical Studies, Global Studies, and other various individual school Academies.