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    Aritia Smalls
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Academically/Intellectually Gifted Screening

  • Screening creates a list of students who may be in need of differentiated services beyond those provided by the regular classroom.

    The screening process is ongoing and requires time and discussion. It is the most important process, however, since it eventually determines who will be identified as gifted at the school.

    The AIG Needs Determination Team collects student names and information from all appropriate sources.  Additionally, the team surveys EOG/EOC and aptitude data available in the school and collects student names from this information.  In grades 9-12, students not identified as gifted, yet excelling in honors and AP classes are typically included in the screening.

    Screening Request Directions for Parents, Staff, Students and Community Members

    A parent, guardian, staff, or other community members with academic knowledge of the student may request AIG screening. Students may also self-nonimate for screening.  

    If you would like to request screening, please CLICK HERE to complete our AIG Screening Request form.  You may submit completed forms and any accompanying documentation to the school's AIG teacher/consultant.