Meet the Team

Name Title Phone Number Email
Donna Fields Executive Director 910-678-2571
Mark Whitley Director of Operations & Planning 910-678-2342
Phillip (Chip) Perry Director of Maintenance 910-678-2551
Jennifer Locklear Administrative Assistant/Access Control Facilitator 910-678-2565Fax: 910-758-2578
Beverly Ishman Receptionist 910-678-2609
Justin Hall Dispatcher 910-678-2560
Jodene Abney Assistant Dispatcher 910-678-2646
Nikki McPherson Payroll Clerk 910-678-2569 Fax: 910-678-2489
Clay Wade Supervisor 910-678-2608
Marcia Adair-Davis Purchasing Clerk 910-678-2568Fax: 910-678-2579
Kevin Woodward Carpentry Foreman 910-678-2396
Gary Parker Carpentry Assistant Foreman 910-678-2396
Dale Edge Carpentry- Glass Repair 910-678-2396
Tim Reneau Carpentry- Glass Repair 910-678-2396
Randy Lucas Carpentry-Lock Repair 910-678-2559
Daniel Melvin Carpentry-Lock Repair 910-678-2559
Vincent Key Furniture Foreman 910-678-2643
Joaquin Dominguez Furniture – Assistant Foreman 910-678-2643
Richard Hurley Grounds Foreman 910-678-2650
Neil Bryant Grounds – Assistant Foreman 910-678-2650
Alphonso Thomas Grounds – Assistant Foreman 910-678-2650
John Gordon Paint Foreman 910-678-2784
Ian Mayhew Paint – Assistant Foreman 910-678-2784