Data and Accountability


Department Overview

    • The Cumberland County Schools Data and Accountability Department provides  training and coaching on federal and state mandates,  while working collaboratively with CCS stakeholders on interpreting data from multiple sources. Our system of support guides educators in setting data-informed goals and making decisions about learning opportunities, positively impacting overall student achievement. The Data and Accountability Department helps ensure Cumberland County Schools maintains an exceptional learning environment focused on building successful students and premier professionals.


    • Data from state assessments, along with local academic, attendance, discipline, and social emotional measures is continually utilized by Cumberland County Schools personnel to support school and teacher performance, as well as individual student growth and proficiency. It is the focus of the Data and Accountability Department to assist school and district leadership teams as they plan for the future with clear direction and focus on improving student growth and achievement. This is accomplished by working collaboratively with all CCS departments to ensure each data set is appropriately analyzed and utilized in the development of sound educational practice within the district. 


    • In addition to the work outlined above, the Data and Accountability Department oversees the collection and reporting of state and federal data, as well as supporting the research and resulting data analysis of district-wide educational programs and various topics designed to support the work of the district. 

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