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CCS Receives Bright Ideas Grant

  • Department Overview

    The CCS Grants Management Coordinator actively seeks supplemental funding for a wide range of
    programs to support the mission and vision of the Cumberland County Schools.

    Additionally, the department will facilitate supplemental funding for innovative programs, the Superintendent’s Goals, and increase
    CCS educators’ skills as they respond to grant opportunities.  The Grants Management Coordinator role is to:

    • Identify and Disseminate Grant Information
    • Develop and Assist with Proposals
    • Assist with Superintendent and Board Approval Process
    • Collaborate with Community Partners
    • Provide Professional Development
    • Grant Management




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    CCS Grants and Media Services Department
    Sabrina Steigelman
    396 Elementary Drive
    Fayetteville, NC 28301
    Phone: (910) 678-2797
    Fax: (910) 678-2598

    Jacqueline Colvin
    Destiny Data Manager
    Phone: 910-678-2503

    Dr. Lavette Braswell
    Assistant Superintendent Instructional Programs

Q & A

  • Can I take my grant awarded items with me when I change schools?

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    In accordance with CCS Board Policy 8210-R, "All materials, equipment, or resources obtained through grant funding must be recorded in the Cumberland County Schools inventory system, and as applicable, recorded as physical or fixed assets.  All such materials, equipment, or resources are the property of the Cumberland County Schools, and unless their transfer or movement is specifically approved by an Associate Superintendent, shall remain housed at the school or site to which they were originally assigned at the time of the award." 

    Even Donor's Choose items will remain at the school site if a teacher transfers. 

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  • How can I find out about up and coming grant opportunities?

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    All grant opportunities for CCS employees will be shared a number of ways!  The best place to find grant opportunities is to follow the Grants Department on Twitter - @ccsgrants2 

    Grant opportunities and monthly grants newsletters are shared with school grants contacts as well as on Twitter. 

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