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  • At Beaver Dam Elementary School we have high expectations for our students as we believe that all students can learn.

    We are a small community school in the southeastern part of Cumberland County. Due to our size, our staff has the opportunity to build personal relationships with both students and parents. At Beaver Dam Elementary you will find a caring and supportive staff who will nurture your child’s interest in learning. To increase educational success, we believe it is important for teachers, parents, and students to communicate openly and frequently. We appreciate the strong support of our parents and the community of Beaver Dam. Our goal is to build and maintain a bond between school, home, and community in order to ensure that our students grow stronger academically and physically. 

    Phone: 910-838-0008
    Fax: 910-531-4353

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  • Update Your Contact Information for ParentLink!

    Contacting a parent or guardian is a priority in the event of student illness or an emergency. Please ensure your contact information is accurate and up to date at your child's school, including who is authorized to pick your child up from school.

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  • Cumberland Family Academy

    Did you miss a Cumberland Family Academy (CFA) session? Check out the CFA YouTube playlist and watch family engagement sessions on demand!

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  • American Indian Heritage Month

    The month of November is American Indian Heritage Month, or Native American & Alaskan Native Heritage Month. During this month, we celebrate the heritage, rich diverse cultures, and traditions of Native tribes and individuals across the country.

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