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  • Join us in our journey to empower students at Cumberland County Schools. Cooper the Dog reminds us that every minute matters when it comes to seizing incredible opportunities. Discover how we're shaping futures, one moment at a time.

  • CCS is proud to introduce Cooper, the district’s new mascot!

    Cooper the Dog: A Responsible Global Citizen

    Photo of Cooper, the distric's new mascotWhen Cooper thinks about his puppyhood in Cumberland County, he thinks about the family and friends who helped him become the dog that he is today. Some of the most important people in his life are his teachers who showed him how he could make a difference as a responsible citizen. 

    Cooper loves going to school to learn incredible things with his friends. Some of his friends move away with their military families, but they stay in touch and share their adventures across the globe. Cooper has always been very thankful for the military and is proud to live near Fort Liberty.

    Cooper sees the incredible work that volunteers do in his community and around the world. Cooper dedicates his free time to volunteerism. He helps his local community but aspires to one day travel and help wherever and however he can.

    Cooper knows that the future starts here and now, and he knows what he wants to do: help students in his home district understand that they have limitless potential. He is proud to be in CCS to empower students who can become leaders in whatever industry they choose to enter. He knows from experience that CCS prepares lifelong learners to reach their maximum potential, and he is here to be the district’s newest partner in providing a safe, positive and rigorous learning environment for every student.

    With his experience in volunteerism, passion for student success, respect for the military, and love of his community, Cooper is ready to put his best paw forward and prepare CCS students to be Collaborative, Competitive and Successful in our global world.

CCS Mascot Cooper Waving Pose

  • As our beloved mascot, Cooper is currently in his introductory phase for CCS and is a bit on the shy side. For now, he'll be sticking to his pre-scheduled appearances at high-level district events.

    As we move forward into the 2024-2025 school year, we'll be working on ways to help Cooper come out of his shell and be more available for special appearances. Your understanding as we nurture our playful mascot is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for more exciting Cooper adventures!