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  • The Go Green Initiative is a partnership between Cumberland County Schools and the regional nonprofit Sustainable Sandhills, creating resilient environmental, economic, and social resources for current and future generations. Together, using our mutual resources, we are bringing sustainability to our educational and Cumberland County community.  


    The responsibility for becoming a more sustainable school system is not with one person or one department but with all individuals who are a part of our system.  We have all been part of the problem now we can all be part of the solution. Join Us.


  • FAY Fix It' app 

    The 'FAY Fix It' app is your tool to help improve the City of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Whether it is a pothole, damaged street sign, or graffiti, 'FAY Fix It' makes reporting a code or ordinance violation to City Hall as easy as pressing a button. The app harnesses the power of GPS to provide a precise location for staff so that they can begin fixing the problem. You can also include a photo with your reporting to help the City quickly identify the problem. The mobile app can be used for a variety of issues such as reporting problems with graffiti, street maintenance, street lighting, damaged trees, overgrown grass, abandoned vehicles, aggressive panhandling, and litter/illegal dumping. Residents will be able to track the status of their reports or follow other reports made by members of the community.


    5 for Friday  Take the Pledge!


    Cumberland County Solid Waste is teaming up with the City of Fayetteville and the nonprofit, Sustainable Sandhills to launch an anti-litter campaign called 5 for Friday. 

    Its goal is to encourage businesses, schools, community groups, and individuals to reverse litter by having people pick up five pieces of trash and recyclable materials every Friday. 

    You are invited to sign the 5 for Friday pledge here. As the campaign grows, you may see 5 for Friday decals and posters on windows or in spaces throughout Fayetteville and Cumberland County. 

      5 For Friday Pledge card

    5 for Friday 

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  • How is the Go Green Initiative administered at each school?

  • What are the Principles of Sustainability developed and adopted by the Board of Education?

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